Popular Department Stores Price Adjustment Policies

While retailers vary in their Price Adjustment Policies (some use purchase date, while others use the date your package was received), please be aware that many retailers and specifically many of the high-end retailers and department stores will price adjust past the policy, and/or do it multiple times if the price keeps dropping. All you need to do is just ask and you will be surprised how easy it is to get a price adjustment. You have nothing to lose but lots of money to gain back!

So how easy or practical is it to constantly follow-up online or in store on an item for 10, 14, 30, or more days and try to catch that price drop? If you go and track a price on a recent online purchase over the next 30 days you will see that it is not an easy task, especially if you shop online often and buy multiple items at a time. For your online purchases you can use a free and unique service from Yairoo.com. All a shopper has to do is just forward their online receipts to receipts@yairoo.com and the service will track your purchases and alert you to price drops so you can get a price adjustment. Once you receive an alert all you have to do is follow-up with the retailer to get you price adjustment.

This blog will continue to help you navigate through the price adjustment process. To help you with this task we have included the following list of Price Adjustment Policies from some of the most popular online retailers in US. Please be aware that retailers may have different online purchase price adjustment policies from their in-store price adjustment policies. These policies are for online retailer sites and are current as of 8-3-11 as stated on the retailers sites, but you are strongly encouraged to check with each retailer to ensure that their Price Adjustment Policy has not changed.

Popular Department Stores


Macy’s Price Adjustment Policy – If an item is further reduced in price within 14 days of when you purchased it, we’ll refund the difference in price when you present your original receipt. You may also present your order number, and we’ll look it up. Currently, many in-store offers and promotions include a promo code for use when shopping online. If the offer you’re looking for does not include an online promo code, it is an in-store only promotion and may not be used online.

Macy’s Customer Service – For price adjustments fill out a Price or Promotion Adjustment request form https://customerservice.macys.com/app/help/price_adjust

Macy’s Price Adjustment Policy link – https://customerservice.macys.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/14/related/1


Kohl’s Price Adjustment Policy – In certain cases, we’ll give you money back if you bought an item, only to discover it was on sale later. If your situation meets all these criteria, you could be eligible for a price adjustment:

  • You bought the item on sale or at regular price.
  • Within two weeks (14 days) of the purchase date, the price of the item was further reduced from the final price you paid.
  • You have the original, dated sales receipt.
  • The item is not a Clearance markdown.

Kohl’s Customer Service – If you bought the item online at Kohls.com, call Customer Service toll-free at (866) 887-8884 if you think you’re eligible for a price adjustment.

Kohl’s Price Adjustment Policy link – the Pricing Policy is at the very bottom of the page at http://www.kohlscorporation.com/ecom/customerservice/Top15.htm#pricingdiscounts2

Lord & Taylor

Lord & Taylor Price Adjustment Policy – Upon request price adjustments will be made on merchandise permanently marked down within 7 days of the original date of purchase. No price adjustments will be made for temporary price reductions. If you are not completely satisfied with your lordandtaylor.com purchase, you may return it with your receipt to any Lord & Taylor store or by mail. Please see Lord & Taylor return policy.

Lord & Taylor Customer Service – For price adjustments please call at 1-800-223-7440 within 7 days of the date of your order or visit at one of the stores. Please be sure to have your order receipt available.

Lord & Taylor Price Adjustment Policy link – http://www.lordandtaylor.com/eng/customerservice/PricingPolicy.cfm


Dillard’s Price Adjustment Policy – Dillard’s does not make price adjustments. Dillard’s is committed to offering quality merchandise at fair, competitive prices. In most cases, the internet prices will reflect store prices. However, there may be some exceptions. Internet sale prices expire at midnight Central time on the date displayed for the item. Prices and sales are subject to change without notice. Merchandise available through Dillards.com may not be available in all our stores.

Dillard’s Price Adjustment Policy link – the Pricing Policy is at the very bottom of the page at http://www.dillards.com/info/notices.jsp#PricingPolicy


Bon-Ton Price Adjustment Policy – No adjustments will be made on merchandise ordered online or on clearance priced merchandise. For merchandise purchased in-store or through our Shopping Service, an adjustment can be given on non-clearance merchandise during a promotion, if the purchase was made within the past seven days and the advertisement on the merchandise does not exclude “previous purchases.” The receipt must be present to receive the adjustment.

Bon-Ton Price Adjustment Policy link – http://www.bonton.com/content/customer-service/pricing/brandcontent.html